Klimaschutz – nur das große Ding oder viele kleine Ameisen?

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Am Montag sprach Tadzio Müller von der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung beim Digitalen Salon des Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG). „Am warmen Polar“ hieß das Thema – und geladen waren neben Herrn Müller noch Hendrik Send (Forscher am HIIG) und Tanja Loitz (CO2 Online). Klimaschutz und Klimazerstörung wurden nicht diskutiert, sondern es ging schnell um die … Read More

Hillary Clinton Presidential Nomination Speech At The DNC 7/28/2016

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As prepared for delivery. Thank you! Thank you for that amazing welcome.  And Chelsea, thank you.  I’m so proud to be your mother and so proud of the woman you’ve become.  Thanks for bringing Marc into our family, and Charlotte and Aidan into the world.  And Bill, that conversation we started in the law library … Read More

Best ever German words: What California sand dunes have to do with Germany (& Donald Trump)

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California sand dunes couldn’t be further from Germany’s green, tree-rich landscape. Sometimes a change does us all good. And – of course – there’s a great German word for that, which happens to be one of my favorites. (PS – Watch to find out what this amazing location has to do with Donald Trump.) To … Read More

First Lady Michelle Obama Full Emotional And Motivational Speech At The DNC In PHL 25/7/16 FULL

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Michelle Obama‘s highly-anticipated speech on the opening night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia really struck a chord with viewers as she addressed the crowd, encouraging them to vote in the upcoming election, while drawing on her own experience. On Monday night’s first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, First Lady … Read More

Sarah Silverman Democratic National Convention FULL Speech 7/25/16 DNC Philadelphia

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Sarah Silverman said Democratic voters who are still supporting Bernie Sanders are being “ridiculous.” The 45-year-old comedian — who has been a vocal Sanders supporter over the last few months — addressed the Democratic National Convention alongside Senator Al Franken Monday night. “As some of you may know i support bernie sanders and the movement … Read More